Adaptation related services

Provide adaptation related services for the En Route and Oceanic Air Traffic Control Automation Systems that are maintained by En Route and Oceanic SLE. Provide and support adaptation activities for SLE support to meet key milestones; align quality and delivery of the Adaptation products with operational needs and service planning; provide support services in Adaptation Planning, National Adaptation Products and Second Level Support Adaptation Services.

Examples of Work areas include

  • Assist in the assessment, development, and implementation of modifications to support NAS Sustainment
  • Assist in National Adaptation Source Data (NASD) releases; National Adaptation Data Releases (NADR); and updates to the Distributed Adaptation Updates (DAUs) from the ARTCCs
  • Assist in updating National Parametric Data (e.g. National System Parameters, Aircraft Types, Aircraft Performance Characteristics)
  • Assist in importing Published Aeronautical Data (e.g., Routes, Fixes, Airports, Navaids, Software as a Service (SAAs)
  • Assist in testing data updates in the lab
  • Assist in storing ARTCC data products for reference and ensuring availability of adaptation data to external entities (e.g., Mitre, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Assist in creating Time Based Flow Management (TBFM) adaptation versions in support of the Ground Based Interval Management for Spacing (GIM-S) waterfall
  • Assist in creating and maintaining adaptation training materials, documentation and site adaptation procedures
  • Assist in Teaching adaptation courses
  • Assist in creating and updating adaptation documentation
  • Assist in Site Adaptation Manual (SAM) Validation
  • Assist in preparing the 28-day En Route Information Display System (ERIDS) National Data Release
  • Provide support for Data Release issues/questions/concerns, via help desk tickets, emails, and phone calls from the sites