Business Office Support

Provide Project tracking, Financial and logistic support to the FAA. Track and process actions and resolutions, National Air Space (NAS) changes proposals, and program directives. Deliveries of detailed schedules, action item tracking reports and other programmatic data for FAA Second Level Engineering.

Examples of Work areas include

  • Generate and maintain project schedules
  • Assist with the coordination of meetings and calendars
  • Assist with tracking open issues and action items and coordinating with representatives from other FAA organizations as necessary to resolve issues. Utilize FAA databases and tracking tools
  • Support the conduct of informational, status, and decision briefings. Prepare briefings, presentations, and handouts as appropriate and provide technical support to briefings/presentations provided by FAA
  • Assist in preparing for specific meetings and conferences with other FAA organizations and contractors. Develop agendas, document issues and concerns, and provide written meeting notes and action items
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of system databases.
  • Support the Knowledge Services Network (KSN)
  • Support the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) activities: Operational Analysis (OA), Earned Value Management (EVM), Exhibit 300.
  • Assist with financial support to include, but not limited to, travel and financial analysis and reporting
  • Assist with updates to and maintenance of Project WBS
  • Assist technical personnel in the generation of business cases
  • Risk Management (analysis, assessment & modeling)
  • Development of metrics, analyze trends, and develop innovative strategies to use stakeholder feedback to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Personal Property Management - assist with tracking the organization's asset inventories, transfers and disposals, as well as ensuring all appropriate bar-coding is done
  • Support Automated Inventory Tracking System (AITS) - assists with the updating/reconciliation and maintenance of this system database
  • Assist in reconciliation and maintenance of personal property inventory, for multiple locations