Configuration Management

Support and monitor software and hardware CM to support Enroute systems. All activities must be conducted in accordance with FAA Order 1800.66 as applicable and the Directorate Level CM Plan.

Examples of Work areas include

  • Support CM planning, scheduling, and provide technical expertise in CM.
  • Assist the FAA in ensuring that the CM requirements of the programs are met including monitoring the CM performance of the Program Contractors through reviews of data items, in-process reviews, development and conduct of formal configuration audits.
  • Support the FAA in CM version control, change management and traceability, repository version management, auditing, and reporting.
  • Support the FAA with media control, reproduction and distribution for system testing, maintenance and deployment.
  • Support CM with the status accounting and reporting of modifications to the NAS.
  • Support the processing of NAS change proposals, document change requests, engineering change proposals.
  • Log and distribute Configuration Control documentation to be approved by Configuration Control Boards (CCBs). Follow the actions utilized by each CCB as specified by its Charter and/or Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).