Contract Management Support

This team will be responsible for the day to day administrative and business related tasks required to efficiently and successfully implement the requirements of the EOSS contract. The personnel under this task order are responsible for the support of all activities required to prepare and deliver all business, financial, administrative and other deliverables/reports specified in the EOSS Engineering Services contract base SOW in support of all technical requirements. The personnel under this task order will also support Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Government personnel with contractual and financial reviews and record keeping for all contract task orders and other documents that result from meeting the requirements of the EOSS contract base SOW.

Examples of Work areas include

  • Management, control, achievement and accountability for all EOSS work efforts and deliverables
  • Effective management of the resources available to perform tasks
  • Submission of timely and accurate program deliverables
  • Submission of timely, complete, and accurate monthly invoice packages
  • Assist in preparing for specific meetings and conferences with the other FAA organizations and contractors. Develop agendas, documentation, and resolve any possible issues and concerns.
  • Support budget formulation, presentation and execution status. Monitor financial performance against program objectives.
  • Assess impact of technical status change on program budgets, including interdependencies
  • Provide EVM implementation and surveillance; analyze Program Contractor performance.
  • Reconcile detailed financial and technical transactions
  • Provide project planning, risk analysis, risk assessment, performance measurement, risk modeling, and analytical studies.
  • Develop a Program Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Performance Measurement Plan or corresponding documents if requested by FAA.
  • Develop and maintain system databases, as required. Updated these databases with the most current program, schedule and other program information.
  • Provide direct support to the CO, COR and/or TOCOR relative to successful contract administration as required