Documentation and Production Support

The FAA ATO En Route and Oceanic Second Level Engineering (SLE) Group, MSDP team supports activities related to documentation maintenance for the systems supported by the SLE support organization. This team assists with the creation and maintenance of System Support Directives (SSD), Interface Requirements Documents (IRD), Interface Control Documents (ICD), Technical Instruction (TI) manuals, Specification documents, maintenance handbooks, and security documents. The team's responsibilities include incorporation of redlines, editing of redlines, managing peer reviews, coordination of various meetings with SLE personnel, database entry, and media production.

Examples of Work areas include

  • Provide documentation support for the development and updating of SSM, SDR, STR, maintenance handbooks, TI manuals, IRDs, ICDs, System Specification documents, NAS-MDs, and security-related documents. This may include editing, tooling, composition, and verification of approval signatures in accordance to FAA Orders JO 1320.58A and FAA-STD-025F.
  • Support documentation data entry of information utilizing Arbortext Editor, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio or any other document management and database software.
  • Provide support for document publishing and printing, as well as Compact Disc (CD) media preparation and document preparation for web posting
  • Act as a liaison for the MSDP team for the coordination of peer review packages requiring interface with other system contractors or FAA personnel. Peer review packages consist of redline changes, graphics, and any support documents that are required to complete the package.
  • Manage information in a tracking database, including data entry, verification of information, and producing reports.
  • Technical Rewrite Support - ensures clarity, readability, and ascertains that changes have been incorporated into the current level document and have been reviewed by the proper organizations in according to relevant FAA orders and standards.
  • Editorial Support - reviews and edits all corrections, updates, changes, new input, graphics and tables for inconsistencies, pagination, proper layout, spelling, grammar, and proper placement of electronic links to entities within a document in according to relevant FAA orders and standards
  • Data Entry Support - tools changes and change pages in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio,and/or Arbortext Editor
  • Documentation Coordinator Support - Coordinate and facilitate document baseline updates with system contractors, FAA and U.S. Government personnel.