Process Improvement

The group provide support to the En Route and Oceanic SLE Process Improvement and Training Groups. The Process Improvement and Training team follows a set of standardized processes and terms which enables repeatability of processes and training courses, the ability to share resources and skills across supported systems, and realignment of resources to efficiently support systems. The PI and Training Team supports activities related to the maintenance of the systems supported by EOSS SLE Organization. This team is responsible for total lifecycle of PI and Training efforts.

Examples of Work areas include

  • Design and Develop Processes and Training
  • Maintain Processes, Quality Control (QC) and Training
  • Support the SLE and SLE Field Support Group processes and training of ERAM and all En Route Systems during the In-Service Phase of the Program Life Cycle
  • Support of SLE Management and SLE Field Support Group Organizational and Functional Area processes and training materials