Test Support

This team is responsible for managing Design and Development activities of the systems that are in the In Service Management Phase. In addition, the Design and Development team follows a set of standardized processes and terms, which enables repeatability of processes, the ability to share resources and skills across supported systems, and realignment of resources to efficiently support systems.

Examples of Work areas include

  • Analyzing the system architecture and establishing/maintaining the test architecture
  • Develop/reviewing test plans
  • Developing/reviewing test procedures/steps/cases
  • Executing/observing tests in the laboratories
  • Conducting Data Reduction and Analysis (DR&A) of the test outputs
  • Analyzing and documenting test issues or results
  • Providing timely test status and reports
  • Assist software developers in the collections of data and issue re-creation
  • Assist in the development of lab procedures or related areas
  • Developing, modifying or assessing test scenarios
  • Determining and verifying lab setup information (i.e. Release level, Hardware configuration, adaptation, etc.)
  • Develop and maintain Test Strategy documents
  • Test our new NextGen Capabilities (for example):
    • Data Comm
    • Pre-Departure Re-Route (PDRR)
    • Airbourne Re-Route(ABRR)
    • Terminal Spacing and Sequencing (TSAS)
    • Ground Interval Management Spacing (GIMS)
  • Creating, validating, and maintaining tools, databases, and spreadsheets used for test issues, status, reporting, or metrics