Chuck Wiemer

Chuck, as the ECS CEO and President of our subsidiary; STS, continues the deeply held founding values of integrity, great compassion and loyalty, and a solid commitment to family and community. Chuck ensures the ECS' continued respect for our performance through our commitment to our employees and our customers. It is these principles that made ECS, STS and JVN a success and continues to follow these principles. Chuck's 30+ years managing and supporting FAA programs provides the leadership for the ECS growth and the expansion as well as streamlining the ECS corporate infrastructure.

Mike Natale

Mike, as President of JVN Communications, Inc, provides over 30 years experience with the products, people and processes for real-time simulators and communications systems and for the FAA. As the founder of JVN, he designs, develops, tests and maintains simulators and associated support tools for research, testing and maintenance of Air Traffic Control systems for the FAA and DoD. JVN's tools support EnRoute, Terminal and Tech Ops simulations at the FAA and DOD sites across the United States and internationally.